Tradition that began in 1923. In that year the pioneer Tibúrcio Targino implanted new plantation and aguardente´s production methods in Ceara state, creating one of Brazil´s most traditional brands: cachaça Colonial ...

Cachaça Colonial offers a range of high quality products, with different flavors and consumers profiles. If you are interested in representing a brand with over 86 years of activities, that also is a Ceara´s flavor tradition, contact us. For more information: 55 85 3499 7700 or 55 85 3495 2706.

Colonial Lemons sucess
Brazil´s first flavored cachaça. A smooth and refreshing spirit with a delicious smell, Colonial Lemon is a perfect choice cold, pure or mixed. Ideal to prepare cocktails, it offers more profitability to your establishment, and is also #1 selling product.

Product mix
There are more than 20 products waiting for your request. Products that please the most different kinds of tastes: from the classical to the flavored cachaças, and also spirits like Export, created to please the most particular tastes, following international quality patterns.

Where do we export?
Colonial exports for several countries: Belgium, Germany and Mozambique. The world has already tasted Colonial. Do it too.

Tradition and technology taken to the art of making cachaça over 4 generations.
A company with 86 years of activities is a milestone. An entire family with a whole life devoted to it. A history like this could not have any other consequence, Colonial is a huge success and is commanded by the 4th generation of a family that is involved to their company, in heart and soul.





Point da Cachaça

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Minas Gerais



Butique da Cachaça

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Pão de Açucar



Rio Grande do Sul



L.N. Cachaças

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Porto Alegre







DISTRIBUIDORA CAIMBÉ            95 3625-5775  




Santa Catarina



Questão de Gosto

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Balneário Camboriú




São Paulo




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Imigrantes Bebidas

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São Paulo



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