Tradition that began in 1923. In that year the pioneer Tibúrcio Targino implanted new plantation and aguardente´s production methods in Ceara state, creating one of Brazil´s most traditional brands: cachaça Colonial ...

Raw Material

Cachaça Colonial is one of the only Brazil´s cachaça manufacturers which use exclusively the cachaça extracted from its own production.

The harvest

Ready to be harvested, the sugarcane is manually cutted. This process allows, besides more clean raw material, a larger generation of work in the countryside.

The grinding process

At this point, the sugarcane juice is extracted (about 100 ton of sugarcane grinded per hour) which results in almost 2.64 million gallons of cachaça per year.

The fermentation process

After the grinding, the sugarcane juice is stored in metal vats, with a exclusive temperature control system

The distillation process

The distillation is made in “continuous distillation” columns, process that assures a smoother cachaça.

The aging process

A colorless and crystalline cachaça comes out of the alembic and goes to wooden barrels. At this fase, the time that the beverage stays in direct contact with the wood, results in smell and flavor changes.

The standardization process 

After the cachaça Colonial flavor is smoothed, the production process continues to be strictly checked at our labs.

Bottling, Labelling and Packing 

The quality achieved at all of the Cachaça Colonial´s production processes levels continues with the modern technology applied at the bottling process, that is done without human contact with Ceará´s Traditional Cachaça.

Our logistics is made of an integrated sales force, that ensures the shipment of the product to its destination: the domestic and international market.



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